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Paff Enterprises Inc., based outside of Pittsburgh, was founded in 1995 as a sole proprietorship component and assembly machine shop. Since then our energy and insight has turned us into the bustling concept and development machine we are today. We've adapted to our clients' needs over the years, and they respond by returning to us for project after project. We boast a 98% to 99% quality and delivery rating with our top customers and are proud to have such high standards of excellence that stand as a pillar of our business integrity practices, our commitment to excellence and our technical expertise.

We're proud of our reputation and the relationships we have fostered over the years. We have designed tracking devices for Assistware Technologies, robotic educational tools for Educational Robot Co., and assisted in the creation of surgical tools for Allegheny General Hospital. We've repaired aviation equipment for NEF Avionics and developed tool and die solutions for Universal Manufacturing Inc.. We have worked side by side with NASA, the Department of Defense and the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University on projects. We've built a solid rapport with a trusted client base. Don't just take our word for it; read the testimonials of these and other clients in the right hand columns or click here for full testimonials. Also, take some time to get to know our founder, Greg Paff.

We know your ideas are just that yours! Our company strives to turn your ideas into marketable products, NOT take that idea to market ourselves and take a share of the profits. We sign confidentiality and noncompete forms with all of our clients. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Greg Paff

About Greg Paff

Greg Paff is an innovator. The way his brain works is intriguing, and that is why clients keep coming back to him for more and more advice. He loves challenges. You bring him a problem; he'll create a solution. You bring him a mere idea; he'll walk you through the development process and help you figure out if it is a viable product. Clients tell us all the time they truly appreciate the professionalism and expertise he exudes as he guides them, molding their ideas into feasible, functional products. He's a problem solver and they know it.

After several years as a plant production manager and tooling designer, Greg decided to branch out on his own and formed Paff Enterprises in 1995, focusing on traditional machining operations work. He also briefly partnered in 2000 in RoPro Designs Inc., a robotic prototyping company. After five years running both companies, he sold his portion of RoPro Designs to his partner (who remains a current customer of Paff Enterprises), focusing all of his energy on further developing Paff Enterprises Inc. into the prototype design and product development company it is today. He personally walks clients through the often daunting process and truly enjoys the journey.

"In 1901 after multiple disappointing attempts to fly the new glider, Wilbur Wright told his brother Orville, 'Not within a thousand years would man ever fly.' It wasn't until they had to retrace their steps and each part of the invention that they were able to diagnose the problem and create a successful product. I think about reading this quote during my boyhood visit to the Wright museum as I work with customers to make their inventions take flight, and it excites me to be part of that creative process."
Greg Paff, Owner, Paff Enterprises Inc.
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