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Process Are you dreaming or do you really have a viable product? Is your idea just that — an idea — or can it become moneymaker? Let's find out.

Successful product development depends on a combination of specialized skills. At Paff Enterprises, we provide a dedicated team with an arsenal of experience in research, design, and a wide variety of engineering disciplines, coupled with an established network in marketing, legality, materials and manufacturing.

We've developed a proven process that guides clients each step of the way. We’ll help you define up front if your product idea is worth pursing. We'll meet and work with you on any level from consulting to prototyping to full-scale product development and manufacturing.

Feasibility — Let's take that lofty idea and fit it to reality. Is it physically possible? If not, what can we do to make it work?

Legality — We understand your hesitance to let anyone else know your ideas. We sign confidentiality agreements with all of our clients and will also refer you to legal sources to protect your investment.

Marketability — You bring us an idea of your target market and cost points, and we'll do the research to help define how your product should be developed for short-term or long-term yields.

Facility — If you plan on moving forward with your idea, you'll need an identity, a business plan and the financial resources to back that plan up. In addition, you personally have to be ready to dive in! You'll need to think about these things before coming to see us, but we'll be happy to help you identify what you still need.

For the past 10 years we have greatly changed the way we produce our products driving out costs through automation while simultaneously improving the quality. We have partnered with Paff Enterprises Inc. on many of our process/product improvement projects. Some jobs have been joint effort from design through development while others have been solely the responsibility of Paff Enterprises Inc. They have taken parts, component parts or even concepts of a product; design, develop and produce complete systems integrating them into our manufacturing process. The end results have increased productivity and have driven out costs allowing us to gain more market share in our business.

— John M Zbiegien, Vice President, Universal Manufacturing Corp.
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